• 26, 2018  Congratulations to Pro Wan Wen-Ming on his Angewandte Chemie International Edition paper.
  • 20, 2018  Congratulations to Xiaotao Zhu to obtain his master's degree.
  • 20, 2018  Congratulations to Nengbo Zhu to obtain his doctorate degree.
  • 21, 2018  Congratulations to Liang Ge, Wujun Jian and Huan Zhou on their Chemistry An Asia Journal paper!
  • 26, 2018  Congratulations to Huan zhou and Liang Ge on their iscience paper!
  • 18, 2018  Congratulations to Yuehua zeng on her Synthesis paper!
  • 18, 2018  Congratulations to Weili Deng on his Synthesis paper!
  • 09, 2018  Congratulations to Nengbo Zhu on his Organic Chemistry Forntiers paper!
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Welcome to our home page. Established in December 2013, our group is a young and energetic research team working on the studies of peroxides with respect to different activation models and reactivities.  Applicants who are interested in our group, please send your applications directly to Prof. Hongli Bao


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Address:155 Yangqiao Road West Fuzhou,350002,P.R.China
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