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  • 10, 2024  孙晨荣获科普作图竞赛一等奖
  • 18, 2023  热烈祝贺课题组陈德超博士的文章 " Boosting Protonation Kinetics for Ammonia Electrosynthesis on Ru Sites Embedded in Nanoporous ReSe2"被Chemical Engineering Journal (IF: 15.1 )接收
  • 13, 2023  欢迎肖祎博士、李俊博士、赵书文、毛琴琴、徐佩珠、白一然、周思义、王帮超、田欣鑫、杨霄、赖婉婧、姜海林、王樽加入课题组
  • 21, 2023  恭喜课题组陈德超博士获得第73批博士后面上资助
  • 24, 2023  韩丽丽课题组举办团建活动
  • 13, 2023  韩老师入选《麻省理工科技评论》 “35 岁以下科技创新 35 人” 中国(TR35 China)
  • 17, 2022  Han Group 正式建站了!!!
Our group was established in November 2021 and is a young and energetic research team working on electron microscopy, batteries and catalytic energy conversion. We warmly welcome students, postdoctoral fellows and  researchers who are enthusiastic about our research to join our group! Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time. 
Contact Us
  Prof. Lili Han 

  韩丽丽 研究员 

  Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, 

  Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 

  E-mail: llhan@fjirsm.ac.cn 

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Address:No.8, Gaoxindadao Road, Shangjie, Minhou, Fuzhou, China
Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter Chinese Academy of Sciences