• 18, 2024  Our work on “Supramolecular Domino” is published on J. Am. Chem. Soc., Congratulations!
  • 18, 2024  Our work on “Aluminum Oxo Macrocycle Dopants” is published on Adv. Mater., Congratulations!
  • 22, 2023  Our work on “photonic cryptography” is published on Adv. Mater., Congratulations!
  • 14, 2023  Our work on “photonic memory” is published on Adv. Funct. Mater., Congratulations!
  • 28, 2023  Our work on “wearable organic semiconductor for in-sensor computing” is published on Nat. Commun, Congratulations!
  • 06, 2023  Our work on “multi-responsive fluorophores” is published on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Congratulations!
  • 02, 2022  Our work on “sequential logic data encryption” is published on Sci. Adv., Congratulations!
  • 13, 2022  Our work on “anti-rigidochromism” is published on Adv. Mater., Congratulations!
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We seek to develop advanced materials and devices with unconventional functions through molecular design, programmable assembly and architecture optimization. We are broadly interested in the research areas of molecular photonics and electronics, and soft matters. Efforts are focused on exploiting novel synthetic methods and fabrication strategies, advancing the fundamental knowledge of photo physics of fluorophore-polymer blends, exploring the charge carrier transport behaviors, investigating the interactions between different functional groups, relationships between molecular structure and bulk material properties. The targeted materials and devices may tackle the challenges in information storage and encryption, biochemical sensing, soft robots and health care technologies. 

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